Ha Ji Won confesses that she becomes a ‘fool’ when she’s in love.

This is a very old article about our lovely Ha Ji Won, it’s was posted in 2007. But probably many new fans have not read this article before, that’s why we re-post it here. Actually from an interview like this, we get to know more about a person that we adore. Here you go!

Posted on : October 23, 2007
IF Korean actress Ha Ji Won were to disappear from showbiz suddenly, it would probably be due to love.

Last week, she confessed that she becomes a ‘fool’ when she’s in love.

She will believe everything her beloved says, even if he is only teasing or bluffing her, reported United Daily News.

Once she waited 10 long hours in the streets for a man who didn’t turn up, and instead of throwing a massive tantrum, she said she was worried he might have met with a mishap.

The self-professed bachelorette added: ‘If I get a boyfriend in the future, I may just listen to him and take a break (from showbiz).’

But only for a short while, because the 28-year-old is still pretty much a career woman at heart.

In February, she told Korea’s My Daily that she is ‘addicted’ to work and never hangs out with her hunky male co-stars - from Kang Dong Won to Cho In Sung and Kwon Sang Woo.

While promoting her new period drama Hwang Jin Yi in Taipei last week, Ji Won admitted that it has been ‘a long time’ since her last relationship.

So long that she can’t even remember when she was last in love, she claimed.

There was talk earlier that she fancied Eric Mun of boy band Shinhwa, but she laughingly explained they were only paired up to play a game on a variety show. They are not dating, she added.

The only romance that Ji Won gets to experience these days is the kind that happens in front of a camera.

‘For me to immerse myself in my role, I must have feelings for the other party during the filming.

‘But once I remove my make-up and change out of my clothes, we are just good friends.’

Ji Won’s devotion to her work is legendary. While filming Hwang Jin Yi, which will be shown on Channel U in December, she slept no more than five hours for a week.

The result?

She fainted out of exhaustion and her skin suffered. Her eyes were so sore that she had to keep applying eye drops to keep them moist.

Yet, she was happy to play the titular character - a famous 16th century gisaeng (Korean geisha) known for her intelligence, beauty and artistic talent.

‘I respect Hwang Jin Yi myself and envy her for having such talent and strength,’ she said.

But, unlike Jin Yi who goes out to taunt and seduce the men, Ji Won seems to prefer simple relationships.

Her ideal type?

Someone naive, humorous and honest, she said.

original source : newpaper.asia1.com via asianfanatics


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