[Oldies Goodies] Ha Ji Won speaks about her leg reference in "So Hot"

Charisma-faced actress Ha Ji Won spoke out once again about her leg reference in the hit Wonder Girls song "So Hot." The song includes this line: "My beautiful legs are a bit like Ha Ji-won." There's no surprise as to why her name was on that song, evidenced by this photo here: On September 23rd, she spoke about it again. The last time she spoke about it was around November 2008 on an episode of Golden Fishery. When asked if she felt any burden, she exclaimed that she became "very conscious about her legs." "I never really payed much attention to my legs," Ha Ji Won confessed, "But after the song, all I thought about was my legs." However, the unexpected focus on her legs not only burdened her with an unexpected craze about the beautiful pair, but it also gave her the self-confidence to show them off. "I sing 'So Hot' all the time at karaoke bars," says Ha Ji Won with a laugh, "And whenever the part about my legs comes on, I always expose them to everyone (laughing even more)." Look out for Ha Ji Won's new film "My Love Beside Me."

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