Lee Jong Suk: "Ha Ji Won was a true actor" ~Strong Heart, August 2011~

Many of you may be have read it, but for those who haven't, here we post it for you, the excerpt from strong heart august 2011, lee jong suk praised ha ji won for her ability in acting. Another testimonny that proves that our ha ji won is really a great actress 😊 check this out and enjoy reading! ~admin w~😊❤️

They asked him about his thoughts on Ha Ji Won, and Lee Jong Suk exclaimed that she was a true actor. He described a moment when they were eating together. On the TV in the restaurant where they were eating, there was a scene from “Secret Garden” in which Hyun Bin was taking Ha Ji Won into the rain that was playing. Ha Ji Won actually cried while she was eating (this story is being revealed to give a kudos to Ha Ji Won and her ability to emotionally connect with her character, ^_^).

Lee Jong Suk then went on about the filming for the last episode of “Secret Garden.” Ha Ji Won walked over to Lee Jong Suk and gave him a hug while saying “Good job.” Lee Jong Suk confessed that when she walked away, she appeared very cool and awesome.


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