[Oldies Goodies] Dara and Ha Ji Won, Who Rocks The Square Skirt Better? ~allkpop July 2009~

It looks like we have two stars wearing the same clothes again. This time it's 2NE1 own fashion freak Sandara Park (Dara) and the beautiful Ha Ji Won. What a coincidence! These two artists have been compared multiple times for their similar looks especially in this picture of Ha Ji Won: Anyway, Dara wore her uh, square dress for a photo shoot, while Ha Ji Won wore hers for a spread in the July 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea. Truthfully, I can't pick because I think both ladies rocked the outfits well, although the outfits are pretty bizarre. So it's up to you to decide, who wore it better? Ha Ji Won or Dara 2NE1? 😊😊😊


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