A Love Song for Ha Ji Won

A Love Song for Ha Ji Won
Forever With You lyrics (rom+eng)

Hello 1023~^^

On April 26 Ha Ji Won was a guest star on SBS's show called Thank You. In
this show uri queen sang a song from the MC of Thank You Mr. Lee Moon Se,
it's called Forever With You.

Hhmm as a 1023, we surely will get curious on everything related with ha ji
won right? after i listened to the song she sang on "Thank You", i searched
its lyrics and knew the meaning of this song.

And this song is soooo lovely and sweet, no wonder uri ha ji won sang it
with a very warm feeling with her soft angelic voice. She's so into this
love song, hhmm wonder why, are you in love jiwonnie? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And one thing to get highlighted beside the lovely meaning of the song is
none other than uri ha ji won's voice. OMG her voice is like 10 thousand
times sounded better than the last time i heard her singing, it's like she
just graduated from a singing class, coz she improved so much.

Okay enough with the prologue, here it is the lyric, but pardon me 1023,
i'll only write the part of the song that she sang on thank you, so the
following is not the full lyrics of Forever With You song.

네 enjoy~^^

Forever With You Lyrics


heongkeureojin meorigyeol ijen biseobwado mareul deutji anko
chojeomeomneun nundongja ijen boryeohaedo bol suga eobtjiman

gameun dunun namaneul barabomyeo maeumgwa maeumeul yeolgo

songil sseulsseulhan nae eokkaewie pogeunhan ansigeul june

jeo bulgeun bada haekkeutkkaji geudaewa hamkke gari

i sesangi byeonhandahaedo naui sarang geudaewa yeongwonhi


My tangled hair
Now if I try to brush it,
it doesn’t even listen to me

My exhausted eyes
Now I won’t be able to see anything
even if I try

With my eyes closed,
I look at myself
Our hearts will be opened

Your warm hands make its way on my lonely shoulders
Giving me comfort and rest

The sunset over the ocean
Is where I wish to go with you Even if the world changes
My love,
I’ll be with you forever~♥♥♥


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